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Reporter Fired For Taking Brett Favre Seriously

ESPN reporter Jose Mendez, was fired for an article he recently submitted to his editor following an interview he had with Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre. The article was titled "Favre retirement a sure thing". Our source, which wishes to remain anonymous, said that the editor flew into a fit of rage. "He kept pounding the desk yelling 'What kind of idiot believes anything Brett Favre says'. I thought he was going to punch (Mendez) in the mouth".

Editor Tom Harkin did respond to our inquiry with the following response. "Brett Favre throwing back across his body to a receiver in double coverage in a tie playoff game, that is a rookie mistake. But for a journalist, taking Brett Favre seriously is positively unacceptable. That's not inexperience, it's just plain stupid."

Mendez did post the following quote that he attributed to Favre on his blog. "It's a tough decision to retire, but it has to be made and this will definitely be my last year. I hate to talk about it during the season, but I wanted to get it out of the way early this year so I can focus on getting ready to play next year."

We here at The Axis of Stevil Show wish Brett the best both in his retirement, and in his comeback next year.


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