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Show Prep

Show Prep

12/18/10 Show

LinkedIn put out a top ten list of over-used words on a resume. Here it is.

1. Extensive experience

2. Innovative

3. Motivated

4. Results-oriented

5. Dynamic

6. Proven track record

7. Team player

8. Fast-paced

9. Problem solver

10. Entrepreneurial

I decided to check the list against my resume, which reads as follows.

A real team player with a proven track record in innovative problem solving. I have dynamic entrepreneurial skills and extensive experience in results-oriented planning. I'm highly motivated to be fast-paced. My butt itches.

Yea, looks good to me.

Holiday Top Ten List:

Since Xmas seems too offensive, here are some other holidays we should rename.

10: Valentines Day

What a bogus holiday. We should change the name to "I didn't know Hallmark had lobbyists" day.

9: Columbus Day

Too specific. What if I don't like him? Change it to "Explorers Day".

8: Thanksgiving Day

Too demanding. Giving requires effort. It's my day off. How about "Thankssharing Day".

7: Earth Day

Offensive to Martians. How about "Planets Day"?

6: Veterans Day

Classic ageism. What's wrong with rookies? How about "Experience Day"?

5: April Fools Day

Too predictable. Wanna really throw a wrench in an idiots wheel? Leave it April 1st, but call it "May Fools Day".

4: New Years Day

It's not new by the time it gets here. So it should be called "Different Years Day".

3: Kwanzza

Does anyone even know what this is? I doubt it. Let's change it to "Everybody just make up your own holiday day".

2: The 4th of July

Too specific once again. It would be much more inclusive if we called it "The 4thish of July".

1: Christmas

Since nobody wants to say it anymore, it is high time someone proposes a name change, and I'm just the guy to do it. That's why, from this day forth, Christmas Day will be known as "Quit whining, you obnoxious Atheist bastards, it's still Christmas".

Crazy News

Smoking Chimp

The Whole Enchilada

Where's The Fire



Save Tex Randall Show

Save Tex Randall


This weekend, I am proud to welcome special guest Ed Montana on to talk about Texas landmark Tex Randall, and what we can do to help save the iconic cowboy statue. Make sure you tune in and be ready to call in with your questions. Of course, we will have our usual political humor and banter in the second hour, so stick around for that. Click Here to catch the show. For more info, click the links below.


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Weekly Wrap Up

What a week it has been. Here are some of the crazy things we will be covering on the show.

Run Away Prius

James Sikes was driving his Toyota Prius on a California highway when his gas pedal allegedly stuck, causing his car to run away at full throttle.  Toyota is now going after the credibility of the driver, due to the embarrassment of the situation. My question is, what's more embarrassing? The fact that the accelerator stuck, or the fact that the car only accelerated to 90 mph when it did. Are you freaking kidding me? That's the regular flow of traffic out in Cali. Nothing under triple digits is even considered a high speed chase out there. No part of uncontrolled acceleration should include a Grandmother in a mini van riding your bumper and screaming "Get out of my way". Either way, the vehicle was brought to a safe stop, and upon stopping, I'm being told that a turtle tried to mate with the vehicle.

Eric Massa And Barney Frank's Staffer

Barney Frank

The Boston Herald is reporting that Barney Frank said a member of his staff went to dinner with Massa in October and reported it to top Frank aides to avoid any ethics violations.  “(Massa) didn’t hit on him,” Frank said. Frank said his staffer “didn’t feel awkward in any way. He felt a little flattered.” My question is, what would make a Barney Frank staffer feel awkward. Here is a guy who likely watches Barney Frank strip down and cover himself in whipped cream and dance around the office singing "I'm a little teapot short and stout" on a daily basis. A little groping from Eric Massa would likely be the most normal part of his week.

Slaughter Solution?

House Rules Chairman Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill. She is reportedly considering putting forth a rule that would dictate that the Senate version of the bill is automatically passed through the chamber once the House passes a corrections bill making changes to it. Republicans are calling it the "Slaughter Solution, I personally prefer the "Let's Not And Say We Did Act of 2010". Only in Congress could we find people dumb enough to justify even considering the possibility that someone would fall for this nonsense. I almost hope somebody does, just so I can have a blast with them on the following weeks show. Eric massa almost looks like a genius for leaving a body that is considered this dumb by its leadership.

 Increased Teen Drug Use

This week on the O'Reilly factor, Bill had Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover on to discuss increased teen drug use. Gretchen blamed it on Woody Harelson's Hemp tuxedo that he wore to the Oscars, while Margaret theorized that the right wing nut jobs would blame it on Obama. After all, teenage drug use was on the decline, and it just started to raise again this year. But at what point does it become logical to blame what happened a year ago on what suit someone wore a week ago, while it is deemed illogical to blame it on an event that happened a year and a half ago. On my show, we have played clips from Obama's audio book where he spoke of and practically glamorized his teenage drug use. I'm not blaming Obama here, I'm just saying that his speaking of spending the last few years of high school in a daze might make a bit more of an impression on the youths of America than whatever the Psychic Friends Network is telling them Woody might wear to the Oscars in a year or so. Simply put, the cause never happens before the effect. Think about it.

It's going to be a great show this week. Tune in here at 9pm eastern time Saturday night to catch us live. The same link will work to catch it in the archives as well. And as always, you can be a part of the show by calling in at 914-338-0207. Follow the instructions to talk to the host, or just listen from your phone on the go. If you're not going to be able to catch the show live, you can still give your thoughts here as a comment on this article and I will read it on the show. Please link your site in the comment if you want it mentioned on the show.

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Exciting News




The Axis of Stevil Show has received confirmation from Lionel Fanthorpe that he will be our very special guest on the June 20th show. Lionel began his showbiz career way back in the 'fifties when he appeared on Anglia TV and BBC Look East. His specialty in those days was to research a mystery and present it, then sing one of his songs about it -- which is pretty much what he still does on his now famous and popular Fortean TV series for Channel 4 TV in the UK. His other recent highly successful series include Stranger than Fiction for West Country TV and Stations of the Cross for HTV. He also presented a great mystery show called The Real Nostradamus on Channel 4 TV. He was Question Master for two series of Holy Quiz on HTV Wales and he presented the 20-part Castles of Horror series on Discovery and Horizon. He also presented two series of the history programme Talking Stones. He makes Guest Celebrity appearances on shows such as ITV 1’s This Morning. He's also appeared as a guest on children’s programmes like the K–Club on BBC, and he frequently broadcasts for BBC Radio Wales, Real Radio and many other stations including Coast to Coast, and the Joe Salzone Show in the USA. And now, we have the honor and privilege of welcoming him to The Axis of Stevil Show! I am so excited about this great guest, and hope all of you will be able to tune in and catch his appearance. He will be with us for the entire two hour show.


Obama Out Of Touch

ABC news reported on April 15th that President Obama was "unaware" of the Tea Parties taking place around the Country, This got me to thinking. Is it possible that this guy is that out of touch? I highly doubt it. But, not wanting to call the Commander in Chief a liar, I decided to consider this possibility. I googled the term "tea parties"  and I got 25,300,000 returns. So I wondered, what else might this President be "unaware" of? I decided to compile a list that the "on-the-job training Czar" might want to run over with the President. This is a top ten list of things less well known than the tea parties that Obama needs to be made aware of.

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Hot off the press.

More From The Axis

  • Watered Down Travel Ban

    Watered Down Travel Ban

    I have some friends and family who supported President Trump from early on in the process. From time to time they will ask me when I will admit that I was wrong about him. "If Trump does x... If Trump gets y... If Trump supports a policy that results in z... will you admit that you were wrong?" My answer is always "no", because I wasn't wrong. To be clear, I could be wrong in practical application, but that isn't what an election is about. Elections are about theory and speculation and, generally speaking about judging records. Trump had no record to speak of, and his history of stances on issues was all over the map. I opposed his candidacy for several major reasons, all of which are proven valid in this single issue we now refer to as the "travel ban". Here were my reasons.

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  • Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    If you're not familiar with Justice with Judge Jeanine, it is a show on the FOX News Network starring Jeanine Pirro. She is known for her over-the-top rants where she serves up gobs of fresh red meat for her largely hard right wing audience. While it's not unusual for her to be a little fast and loose with the facts, she has been known to occasionally return from the break with a correction from her producers. Last night, however, there was no such correction to an outright lie she told on the show, and the matter being discussed should have (at the very least) contained a disclaimer from the host. I would cut her some slack, but as a former prosecutor and judge, she should be well aware of what proper protocol should have been here.

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  • Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    It's not cute anymore, Republicans. The President of the United States is completely detached from reality, and you can't fix that. You can't cover it up, you can't explain it away, and let me make this as clear as I possibly can for you. You cannot possibly undo the damage you are doing to the party brand by trying to pretend this man is anything other than completely unhinged. I'm watching Sean Hannity borrow guests from the Alex Jones show in an attempt to bolster Trump's conspiratorial claims. I'm seeing relatively mainstream conservatives make themselves look like the crazed fringes of the paranoid right wing. Don't believe me? Look at this.

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