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Coast to Coast Christmas

Xmas Eve radio sucks.

Generally speaking, I go home for Christmas. That's the one day of the year you can count on me being home. In 20 years of driving a truck, I had only missed one Christmas at home, and that was due to getting stuck in bad weather. This year, however, I decided to stay out on the road and collect that nice bonus that my company offers for those drivers who are willing to shred their last ties to humanity and go full blown vagabond for the holidays. My hand was up, count me in. And that is how I came to the realization that there literally nothing on the 200+ channels on SiriusXM radio on Xmas Eve, so if you'll humor me I wanted to take a minute to complain about the one refuge I found in this entertainment desert.

Bruce or Caitlyn?

To judge, or not to judge.

Bruce or Caitlyn?

I don't want to come across as a hypocrite on this one, so let me start by tossing a couple of things out there for your consumption. First, I'm not setting myself up as some standard of decency. Trust me, when they come to me, I'm sure I will toss out some pretty good Bruce Jenner jokes. Humor is my thing, and I certainly don't find this topic to be off limits. Next, I am not a religious person. I don't mean to preach at you here. However, I was raised by a preacher, so I know a thing or two about the Bible and I had an interesting thought on the subject, so I thought that I would share it.

Too Stupid To Live

Americans keep on getting dumber.

Too Stupid To Live

Now I understand that sometimes one idiot does something stupid and makes the rest of us look bad, and I wish that I could find a way to make that case here. I can't. My fellow Americans, we are stupid. And we have gotten about as much mileage out of warning labels as we possibly can. There is a certain denominator that is so low that a warning label can no longer save that, and I fear that the number representing that low water mark has recently surpassed our national IQ. Now I am sure that this could be a worldwide problem, but I am stuck in one place and can only report what I see here, and the future looks pretty dim.

How Chick Fil A (Almost) Changed The World

Chick Fil A enters the world of Conspiracy Theories with it's American Idol upset.

How Chick Fil A  (Almost) Changed The World

Just how far can one organization go on a chicken sandwich and a full tank of hate? According to some gay groups, pretty damned far. It appears that they can even overcome the will of the general public and change the outcome of elections. They can vote multiple times, and keep the best man from winning. They can turn a singer who is barely qualified to sing at the Grand Opening of a Shopping Center into an American Idol. How? Read on, readers.

Hot off the press.

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  • Watered Down Travel Ban

    Watered Down Travel Ban

    I have some friends and family who supported President Trump from early on in the process. From time to time they will ask me when I will admit that I was wrong about him. "If Trump does x... If Trump gets y... If Trump supports a policy that results in z... will you admit that you were wrong?" My answer is always "no", because I wasn't wrong. To be clear, I could be wrong in practical application, but that isn't what an election is about. Elections are about theory and speculation and, generally speaking about judging records. Trump had no record to speak of, and his history of stances on issues was all over the map. I opposed his candidacy for several major reasons, all of which are proven valid in this single issue we now refer to as the "travel ban". Here were my reasons.

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  • Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    If you're not familiar with Justice with Judge Jeanine, it is a show on the FOX News Network starring Jeanine Pirro. She is known for her over-the-top rants where she serves up gobs of fresh red meat for her largely hard right wing audience. While it's not unusual for her to be a little fast and loose with the facts, she has been known to occasionally return from the break with a correction from her producers. Last night, however, there was no such correction to an outright lie she told on the show, and the matter being discussed should have (at the very least) contained a disclaimer from the host. I would cut her some slack, but as a former prosecutor and judge, she should be well aware of what proper protocol should have been here.

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  • Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    It's not cute anymore, Republicans. The President of the United States is completely detached from reality, and you can't fix that. You can't cover it up, you can't explain it away, and let me make this as clear as I possibly can for you. You cannot possibly undo the damage you are doing to the party brand by trying to pretend this man is anything other than completely unhinged. I'm watching Sean Hannity borrow guests from the Alex Jones show in an attempt to bolster Trump's conspiratorial claims. I'm seeing relatively mainstream conservatives make themselves look like the crazed fringes of the paranoid right wing. Don't believe me? Look at this.

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