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Countering Disinformation And Propaganda

Let the InfoWars begin.

Perhaps you may have seen this headline from InfoWars and wondered how much truth there was to it. It makes a bold and powerful claim about one of the last acts of the Obama Presidency. "Obama Quietly Signs The ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’ Into Law Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born", it reads. By searching the headline, you can find numerous instances of the article that are all copies and pastes of the original writing, so it is hard to definitively state who the original source of this article really is, but the larger question would be, simply put, is it true? Spoiler alert. The simple answer is "no". It is loosely based in fact then expanded upon with falsehoods. For starters though, let's look at the definition of the two words.

Darnold Trump

Keeping it real... funny.

Every now and again you bump into someone who had a great idea and really capitalized on it, delivering a quality performance to cap it all off. Darnold Trump over on instagram is one such individual. I have no idea who they are, but they had an idea and they played their hand well. As we all know, Donald Trump says plenty of really dumb and really controversial things. What if someone kept track of these gaffes in a funny and informative way? Well, that's what Darnold has done here, and done very well. Every picture is complete with a cartoonish graphic of Trump, with nothing more than a giant mouth on his face. Each image is "checked in" at the location where Trump made the corresponding statement.

Protecting Cake From Gays

If the gays get cake, it's over folks.

Protecting Cake From Gays

It's days like this when I almost want to go Stephen Colbert on an article and pretend to support something absolutely ridiculous and make an equally ridiculous extremist case for my alleged view. To be entirely frank, I could do it with both sides in this case. I am speaking, of course, of the Indiana law which, amongst other things, has brought back the unfortunate saying that historically never was "Let them eat cake". The gays, of course. Because people are trying to keep the gays from eating cake? Well, not exactly. Because the gays are trying to turn bakers gay? No, not that either. The problem? We have businesses that want to act like 6 year olds and unfortunately, the gays are 5 1/2.

Global Warming & Trucking

Have you ever thought about it, and hoped the global warming people were right?

Don't get all political on me here, as I am taking a break from it with this post. I don't care what you think about global warming, and I know that a single weather event has little to do with overall climate, but did Colorado not get the freaking memo? It's April, people. Yes, I got caught up in the winter storm. Oh, we are naming those too now? Okay, I found Waldo, and he's a son of a... well, you get the picture. I went up 25 to Pueblo, fueled at the Loves, then shot across 50 to head out to Grand Junction. As you can see from the images in the gallery below, perhaps not the best idea I have ever had.

Banital: The Way Stupid People Don't Lose Weight

Don't get mad at me if you tried it. I'm just the messenger.

As an over-the-road trucker, I spend a lot of time driving and listening to Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Sometimes this is a good thing. I listen to a heck of a lot of news and talk radio, so one could say I get informed and misinformed all in the same place. Every now and then, however, I hear a commercial that drives me completely insane. Back when I was still doing the show, I went on an annoyance campaign against Rosetta Stone over a dangling participle in their "learn to speak a foreign language" ads, and eventually the ad was changed. Do I get the credit? In my own mind, perhaps. Well, enter the latest ad to annoy me. Perhaps you have heard or seen this ad for a weight loss product called Banital.

My First Chick-Fil-A

Yes. It is a cult. And I joined.

Up until yesterday, I had never in my life had a Chick-Fil-A. Yes, I know. Shocking, right? No, I haven't been a part of some type of gay rights boycott... or girlcott for that matter. I just haven't ever gone to a Chick-Fil-A. I have had people tell me how good they are, and express shock that I have never had one. I have repeatedly made notes to myself that I need to stop by and have a sandwich, but it just hadn't happened until yesterday. I stopped at the Pilot in Russelville Arkansas and went to the shopping plaza across the street, and there it was. So I went in to see what I had been missing all of these years.

President Obama Weighs In On Football

Is President Obama too soft?

President Obama Weighs In On Football

Finally, someone is lashing out at President Obama for his comments on football. The Boston Globe today lit into the President, calling his recent musings "passive" and accusing him of "punting the football." In short, Mr. President, football is a man's sport. There is no room for girls in this game, and sissy little side-step answers will not be tolerated. If you want to talk about retired ballerina's getting arthritis, then you can come with lame answers like you gave to the New Republic. But if you want to talk about football, you need to man up and sound off like you have a pair. Now I'm sure some of you dames out there want to lash out at me for such a sexist viewpoint, but we are talking about football after all, and girls don't matter in football so who cares what you think? Let's get to what Obama thinks.

Idiocracy; Not so far fetched says Goodell

Everywhere I look I'm surrounded by idiots.

Idiocracy; Not so far fetched says Goodell

This week I was bored at a truck stop and decided to try out Amazon's DVD rental feature. I hadn't seen the movie "Idiocracy" in some time, so I decided to give it a whirl. I rented the movie and watched the full thing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now being on truck stop WiFi, I did have the occasional buffering, but nothing serious. Perhaps 4 or 5 times throughout the course of the movie for 5 to 10 seconds. Thus, I was surprised when I got the following email from Amazon stating that they were refunding my purchase (they don't usually do that) due to poor video playback (as if the crappy WiFi is their fault). Idiots. I didn't ask for it, why give it? I wish for the sake of Amazon that the idiots on Idiocracy were the dumbest people I had observed all week. And I wish for the sake of Roger Goodell and the NFL that Amazon had sealed the deal. But we'll get to him after this email from Amazon.

Hot off the press.

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