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FacebookWhen I was in Marine Corps boot camp, it was a frequent occurrence to punish the entire group for the offenses of an individual. It made sense there. We were a unit. When one part of the unit messed up, it was a problem for the whole unit. On facebook, however, this is not the case. We are a collection of individuals, as is evidenced by the fact that facebook reminds you "if you do not know this person, do not click add" every time you go to add a friend. So why the heck is facebook punishing everyone because some people do stupid stuff?

I'm talking, of course, about the security feature that locks down your account and makes you go through some security measures if you try to access your account in a way that you don't typically access it. Since I have abandon my AT&T air card and opted for wi fi, I find myself having to complete this nonsense on a regular basis.

Now I understand that some people click on links and enter there passwords when prompted without making sure they are on a facebook page. I understand that others give their passwords to people they shouldn't trust with such information. I know that one well, since I'm one of the people that shouldn't be trusted with that info but often is, ain't that right Margarita? ;)

But on the serious level, why do those of us who protect our info have to jump through these hoops to protect those who don't? In my case, this is particularly pointless because my laptop stays in my truck. Hence, if someone stole it and tried to log in on my facebook account, this means they broke into my truck and they probably have my cell phone too and can easily get in anyway. Hence, the system is not completely fool proof, it's just sorta fool proof. Perhaps if you're only Joe Biden fool it works, but if you're Rosie O'Donut fool it won't.

Well I say, forget it all, fool. Don't punish everyone for the sake of people who don't protect their info. I'm sure facebook has good intentions, but it is still annoying. And, btw, let me save some of the problem people some effort here. No need to comment and defend facebook and call me a mean spirited jerk. I already know about the latter, and I'm sure facebook won't change the former. But this wasn't entirely a waste of effort. I needed to do something to pass the time while I logged back into my $#&@!* facebook account.


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