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You Girls Let Me Down

Will the real feminists please stand up? Creation Date Friday, 02 March 2012. Hits 1902

You Girls Let Me Down

Much is being made of the war of words between Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University student who testified in front of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Monday. Sandra, who is a "Reproductive Rights Activist" was testifying about her schools insurance policies failure to cover contraceptives. She made the claim that 40% of the women at the University reported that this policy has caused them financial difficulties, and went on to explain that contraceptives could cost a student over $3,000 during law school. Of course, this resulted in plenty of jokes from Limbaugh, calling her a slut (for having so much sex) and a prostitute (for wanting someone else to pay for it). Don't get distracted by this back and forth. The real question is "What happened to the feminists?"

I had faith in you ladies, and you have seriously let me down. Am I the last feminist left on the planet? I really believed that you could handle yourselves. You said that it was the man that was holding you down, and I believed you. If you only had a fair shot you could take care of business. Isn't that what you told us? Well, you've come a long way, baby. A big old loop around the block.

You claimed that you didn't need to get married and have a man support you. So you headed out in the workforce to make your case. But then you go crying to President Obama about how your pay is not equal to that of men who do the same job. He needs to fix that for you.

You said that you didn't need a man to have a kid. You could sleep with a man outside of wedlock, get pregnant, leave him, and be just fine. But then you complained to the Government about deadbeat dads and got a child support system put in place.

With all of the things that women said they could do on their own, it seems funny that they now turn to the liberals who run the country asking for so much. When you said you didn't need a man to support yourself or raise your children, did you fail to notice that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were all men? And now this Sandra Fluke has the unmitigated gall to ask for the men to step in once again and do what for her exactly? This is a woman saying she not only needs a man to step in and help her make a child, she needs a second man in the person of President Obama to step in and help her to not make a child. Can't you dames do anything on your own?

Is Sandra Fluke a slut? I wouldn't know that, although her testimony does tend to make her appear to be that way. But I can tell you that she is a complete and total moron. I would like to enter the following into the discussion as evidence.

  1. She identifies herself as a "Reproductive Rights Activist." By all accounts, this would be a person whose activism was pushing for your right to reproduce. Instead, she is pushing the government to force her University to hire an insurance company to be responsible for making sure that she doesn't reproduce.
  2. She wants to have sex without getting pregnant, yet she decides to attend one of only a small percentage of schools that has a religious belief system that demands that it's adherents not use birth control.
  3. She has the audacity to go in front of Congress (who otherwise may have been unaware that someone stupid enough to make the above two mistakes existed) and identify herself as the idiot who screwed up that badly in her choice of schools and causes.
  4. When attacked for her stance on a radio program with millions of listeners, she decides to go on The Ed Show on MSNBC to defend herself in front of his audience of about a dozen people. Let's face it. She would have had a larger audience on airport radar.

Now I know that I am going to anger some women with this article, but you shouldn't be mad ladies. You are telling me that you can open the door for yourself, but you can't get your own condom at the local Walgreens? Well if you don't need a man to carry your bag, than why not react in that bag and fish out a dollar and get your own? No, I am not anti woman. I am pro woman, and here is why.

I understand that this is not really woman problem. It is a liberal problem. I believe in a woman's right to abort a pregnancy, her right to have sex without being judged, and her right to work and support herself. But I also believe in a woman's right to have the child, her right to privacy in her sex life, and her right to allow a man to support her if she so desires. So let me ask you this, ladies...

  1. If I get food stamps from the Government, can I then use them on any product sold at a grocery store?
  2. If I get government housing, can I then live in any home I choose on their dime?
  3. If I get health insurance from the Government, does that mean that I can go to any doctor and get any type of service he offers on that insurance?

Since the answer to all of those questions is no, than what makes you think that if your prophylactics are provided by the order of the Government, you can get whatever you want whenever? The obvious answer is, you can't. So, how often do you have sex, Sandra Fluke? Are you on the pill? Are you allergic to latex, and if so, do you use sheepskin condoms when you have sex? With whom are you having sex? Is this condom for your own personal use, or are you getting it on your insurance and then giving it to a friend? I just want to be sure that you're not committing insurance fraud here, know what I am saying? You wouldn't mind submitting a video of you having sex with this condom to ensure that no fraud is taking place, would you?

See where I am going here, Sandra? If the Government steps in and orders that Birth Control be covered by Insurance Companies, then what kind of BC is provided must be dictated by the government. This is to protect both the insurance company and the patient. Otherwise, a company might only give out latex condoms, and if you're allergic, that wouldn't be fair to you. If they give out a pill that they think will work, but you get pregnant anyway and sue them, then that wouldn't be fair to them. So there will have to be a list of Government approved methods. And of course, it is a criminal offense to obtain a medical device for ones own personal use, then give it to another. So if you go down to your doctor to get a stack of free condoms, then give them to a classmate who is particularly friendly and already used her supply, can you imagine how personal the fraud investigation might get? Not to mention that you seem to be a particularly active girl yourself. If I get drugs from one doctor, than go to another doctor to get more of the same drug, it is not all that uncommon for a person to be investigated to be sure that they are not selling the drugs to others. Would you be offended if you exceeded the Surgeon General's recommended daily allowance of condoms and wound up getting investigated for prostitution?

Based on the large amount you appear to be spending on birth control, I'm guessing that you are not that particular about who has business in between your legs. I'm not judging you here, that is your right. But some broads don't let just anybody take up business in such a private place, and I respect their right too. So while it may not be that big of a deal to Sandra to open her legs and invite the Government in, it is a big deal to some women who would prefer to keep the United States Congress out of their holy of hollies so to speak. But I believe that we could find a happy medium here. If you are having a hard time coming up with the dough for your prophylactics, perhaps you could charge an admission fee. After all, you don't seem to mind making your vagina public business, and this would allow the women who are a bit more discreet to keep Obama and Pelosi out of their vaginas.

What Liberals often forget is that for anybody to be truly free to be themselves, they must first be free of others. If Georgetown University is to be free to practice their religion, they must be free from paying for your birth control. And if 40% of the female students are struggling financially because they have to pay for their own birth control, that means that 60% are not. They, however, will no longer to be free to spend their money however they desire once they are forced to pay extra for insurance to cover the 40% that are struggling. Your freedom to be you includes their freedom to be free from you. If they are not free to say "I am making it okay, so you should do it as I do it" then you should not be free to say "I am struggling, so everyone should have to be provided with what I want."

You can feel free to blast me in the comments below. Call me a sexist and a chauvinist if you desire. But understand that while this one woman felt the need to make her foolishness a Congressional spectacle, there were millions of women at home, at work, or at school actually doing it on their own. I'm not trying to put down Sandra Fluke so much as I am standing up for those women who weren't up there with their hands out. I salute the woman who is making it on her own, working a full time job, attending classes to better her life, and somehow finding a way to come up with a buck for the occasional condom when she needs one. The woman who has neither the time nor the inclination to parade her sex life in the Halls of Congress hoping to score a free handout is the woman who should be recognized. I do not believe that all women are as ignorant and classless as Sandra. Dare I say she is a... Fluke?

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