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Trump's Electoral Victory

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Trump's Electoral Victory

President Trump went on a long rant of a press conference yesterday where he lashed out at the press, and praised the job that he's been doing as President. He claimed that his Administration is running "like a fine tuned machine" and blamed the notion of a chaotic White House on "fake news". This word comes on the heels of one of his appointees resigning or being fired (depending on which day you ask the President), another appointee withdrawing to avoid being voted down, and a third declining his appointment, referencing the offer as a "shit sandwich".  In the presser, President Trump also told a few whoppers, including one he has often repeated even though it has been thoroughly debunked.

“I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. In other words, the media’s trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made, and they’re not happy about it for whatever reason,”

Read here or watch video below.

When questioned about this statement he tried to qualify it by saying "for a Republican", but even with that qualifier the statement is still false. Here are the facts. George H. W, Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama all had larger margins in the electoral college.

More disturbing than his constant use of alternative facts, however, is the completely unhinged manner in which he spoke yesterday. Consider these two statements, which come from the same press conference.

TRUMP: "I think we're setting a record, or close to a record, in the time of approval of a cabinet."

TRUMP: "I can't get my cabinet approved, and they’re outstanding people. Like Senator Dan Coats, who is there, one of the most respected men in the senate. He can't get approved ... I've also worked to install a cabinet over the delays and obstruction of Senate Democrats."  

How does one simultaneously complain about not getting his cabinet approved, while praising himself for how quickly he got his cabinet approved? The thoughtless banter didn't end there.

“The leaks are absolutely real, The news is fake, because so much of the news is fake.” 

And then there was this statement about watching CNN.

"I watch CNN. It's so much anger and hatred, and just the hatred. I don't watch it anymore because it's very good."

This really irritates me, because friends and family get on me for making fun of Trump, but what in the hell am I supposed to do with that? Any suggestions? Here we have a man claiming to have watched something, telling us what he observed, and then denying watching what he just described watching. And why doesn't he watch what he just watched? "Because it's very good." Am I supposed to pretend that any of that makes sense in any context? Am I supposed to try to find a way to spin this to where he could possibly be watching what he isn't watching, know what he didn't see, and rejected it because of how good it was?

Either way, we have Trump here once again repeating his debunked claim about having the biggest electoral victory since Reagan, lying about setting a record for how fast his cabinet was approved, complaining about how long it's taking to get his cabinet approved, describing what he sees on CNN, and denying that he watches CNN. Just another day of alternative facts from the Trump Administration.

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