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There is no better example of how the left can hijack a language than the word gay. This word, which now carries a far different meaning than it's original usage implied, is a case study in understanding how the act of redefining a word can play out. The grammatical manipulation of this word has been executed to such a flawless degree that many homosexuals would likely be offended if they understood what they were actually saying about themselves when they take on the name. Recent ad campaigns against usage of the word in other ways show the disingenuousness of the LGBT community as well. It is for this reason that I decided to include this word in our liberal lexicon. It doesn't really fit in otherwise, as you either know the liberal meaning of the word or you live under a rock.

Yes, modern usage of the word "gay" can be found in the form of a noun or an adjective, either way refering to a lifestyle where one is attracted two and involved in sexual or romantic relationships with people of the same gender. If you are under the age of 20, you may not even know that this was not the original meaning of the word. Here is how the word "gay" was originally defined.

1. a. carefree and merry: a gay temperament

b. brightly colored; brilliant: a gay hat

c. given to pleasure, esp in social entertainment: a gay life

It was from that third definition that gay began the transition into it's current most widely accepted meaning. In the 17th century, the word began to be used in reference to people who were so "given to pleasure" that they became uninhibited by moral constraints. At this time, a "gay woman" was a prostitute and a "gay man" was a womanizer.

This new usage of the word began to gain prominence, and by the 1920's it was largely used to refer to people who were willing to disregard sexual mores. It is out of this new meaning of immorality that the word began to be applied to homosexuals. By the mid 1960's, the predominate meaning of the word became homosexual.

Around this same time, the word began to also be used to as a genaric insult meaning "dumb" or "stupid." This meaning has ties to older usages of the word as well, which implied frivolousness. This meaning became widely used in the 1970's, and has continued on to this day, resulting in ad campaigns like the one documented here in this video.


Now do you see what happens there? We see the flawless execution of extreme hypocrisy from the leftist world view. We have a word that moved out of its original meaning, and became widely accepted as a way to describe two different things at roughly the same time. Yet the very people who claim to teach tolerance and acceptance of other people's views are telling you that you are not allowed to use other people's definitions of a word that they stole fair and square, all the while ignoring the fact that it only became applied to gay people as a derogatory term in the first place to describe their immorality as equal to that of prostitution.

Now quite frankly, I'm no fan of the word gay. I think gay was gay long before it ever meant gay. I am perfectly fine with turning the word over the homosexual community. They do not have to worry about me trying to take it back as another way of saying "dumb" or "stupid." But it is completely disingenuous to pretend that a word meaning homosexual is being used in a derogatory way and is thus a bigoted term when both meanings have a legitimate basis in the original meaning of the word. However, the purpose of this lexicon is to give you the liberal words and what they mean to liberals, so here goes.



1. A person who is homosexual. Elton John is gay.


1. Of or having to do with the gay community. The Pink Flamingo is a gay bar.

2. A word that must only be used in  the above two connotations, because liberals are completely intolerant of everyone who sees things differently than they do. Thus, while there are other accepted meanings, none of those are accepted by liberals.

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