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Ron Paul and Keith Judd

What does Keith Judd's showing in West Virginia say about Ron Paul? Creation Date Friday, 11 May 2012. Hits 2571

Ron Paul and Keith Judd

For those who haven't been following the Primaries all that closely, it may come as a surprise to you that a convict currently serving time in Texas named Keith Judd gave President Obama a run for his money in the West Virginia Democratic Primary. Judd finished with a whopping 41% of the vote to Obama's 59%, highlighting the true devastating consequences that the President's energy policies have had on this coal mining State. Interestingly enough, Ron Paul supporters seized on this moment to tell us how these results show how he is the only Candidate who can beat President Obama in 2012. You can't make this stuff up, folks, so it here is straight from the horses mouth.


Now here are the facts. In the Republican Primary, Ron Paul came in 2nd in a 2 man race with 11% of the vote. Mitt Romney landed 70% of the GOP tallies. Now in fairness, there were 21,523 votes that went to somebody other than these two candidates, so let's assume for the moment that all of these votes would have gone to Ron Paul had there not been other names on the ballot. This would have given the Congressman from Texas 33,786 votes.

Now across the aisle, President Obama won the Democratic Primary taking 59% of the vote over his sole opponent, the aforementioned prison inmate in Texas. Keith Judd received 49,490 votes which, as we see here, is a comfortable 15,000 higher vote total than Ron Paul in the generous scenario where we give him all of the votes that went to opponents other than Romney. Using the actual vote total, Ron Paul received less than a quarter of the votes for the Republican nomination than a man incarcerated in his home state received for the Democratic top spot.

Now viewing this, one would think that a Ron Paul supporter would either run from this news, or post it hoping that nobody would bother to do the math and see how shameful their candidates showing in West Virginia was. This leads me to the point of my article. No matter how many supporters Ron Paul builds up, he will never gain enough support to overcome the problems created by the support he builds. In short, the most vocal Paul fans are such lunatics that they severely damage the candidate they wish to build up. Think about how detached from reality the above video is.

  1. The West Virginia Presidential Primary shows how disappointed Americans are in President Obama, not all government.
  2. As the video points out, President Obama has an approval rating in the 40's. But as it also points out, Ron Paul serves in a body that has an approval rating of 11%. Yet we should ditch 40% for 11%?
  3. If Americans are truly dissatisfied with their Government, a point I would not argue, than wouldn't logic dictate that the better candidate would be a guy who is not a part of that Government like Mitt Romney?

The video ends with the typical Ron Paul scorned lover rant that we here all too often from his supporters. If we can't have Ron Paul, we're going to make sure you get Obama. Nice touch, huh? Either hand the reigns over to our lunatic, or we will try to stick you with theirs.

The true results of West Virginia's Primary shows one thing, and one thing only. There is only one Candidate that West Virginia trusts to run the Country less than a man who would serve the first half of his term from behind bars, and that man is Ron Paul. Yes, it is a stunning story that an inmate could come this close to beating a sitting President in a State Primary. But looking at the mess that Obama's energy policy has made in that State, it shouldn't be. It should evoke the same reaction that Ron Paul getting 1/4th of the votes that the inmate did. A chuckle in passing, and an "I told you so" from bloggers like myself. If you Ron Paul bots want to cast a vote that actually has a chance, why not vote for Keith Judd instead of the 2nd largest vote getter from Texas in the WV Primary?

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