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Jill Stanek Arrested, Republicans Attacked

More troubling attacks from the right. Creation Date Thursday, 26 March 2015. Hits 4040

Jill Stanek Arrested, Republicans Attacked

It seems like Republicans have to spend more time defending themselves from misleading and unwarranted attacks from the right than they do from the left anymore. The latest attack in this troubling trend comes from Right Wing News (dot) Com, which posted a short commentary on the arrest of several pro life demonstrators, including Jill Stanek.  The group was arrested earlier today (March 25th) and charged with charged with violating D.C. Code 22-1307. The story on RWN posted part of this story from Life Site News and included a link to the whole article, and included the following observations about the story.

What the heck? Now Republicans are having pro-lifers arrested? Yep, now John Boehner is having pro-lifers arrested!

The problem with this observation is twofold. First, there is nothing in the story about Boehner (or any other Republican for that matter) "having the group arrested", nor is there so much as an implication that there was any involvement by him, his staff, or anyone associated with the Speaker in the arrest. Not even a statement like "Capitol Police were called by staffers". Nothing.

 I am by no means a D.C. insider, but let's look at this realistically for a second. I would hope that a building that houses offices for the Speaker of the House (who is, by the way, 2nd in line to the Presidency) has some level of security, most preferably armed officers of the law. I would further hope that said officers, seeing a group of people depositing themselves in front of the Speaker's office, might approach the group and try to ascertain the nature of their business with the Speaker. I would hate to think that in such a situation the Speaker of the House of Representatives has to call 911 and wait for officers to respond to the scene. If that is the case, we are officially a Banana Republic without bananas. 

That aside, (being as I could be wrong, and the protocol for his office might be no different than the office of a secretary for a pork bellies broker in Des Moines Iowa) the copied part of the news story that made the RWN site was conspicuously missing these lines from the full article.

"While [Republicans] are in spineless mode, in cowardly mode, children are dying," he added. He said the activists who risked arrest were intending to "stand in solidarity with these children" and "sacrifice just a little bit of freedom" to "help Speaker Boehner grow a spine."

Interesting. So the activists were "intending" to "sacrifice a little bit of freedom". Sounds to me like it was their intention to get arrested. The article went on.

Stanek said that while she has been in the pro-life movement for 16 years, she has “never felt convicted to be arrested. I've always felt my voice was well heard speaking and writing. But when this bill failed to be brought forward on January 22, I was just so frustrated and disgusted with our Republican House leadership that they would just abandon these babies over political maneuvering, that I decided right then and there that I was willing to be arrested."

So prior to January 22nd, Jill had "never felt convicted to be arrested"... butsince January 22 she has had a change of heart.

Folks, when one of the demonstrators says they intended to sacrifice some freedom, and another one speaks of feeling convicted to be arrested, is there much room for doubt as to what happened here? In fact, if it was their conviction and intention to be arrested, than whomever helped them towards this goal was indeed an ally, not a foe, were they not? If indeed Boehner had personally busted out a set of zip ties and laid down a citizens arrest on them in the hallway, would that not have furthered their purpose as opposed to hindering it?

Now the question becomes, why is a site called "Right Wing News" posting half the story and unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to smear the Republican Party? If indeed the Republican party legitimately does something for which they need to be rebuked, it is honorable for someone on our side to do so. If, however, you tell half the story combined with half truths to slander the Republican Party, than perhaps you need to stop and ask yourself the following question. With friends like this, who needs liberals?

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