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Is Trump Scary?

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Is Trump Scary?
Except he hasn't.

Many Trump supporters have been having fun with the overreaction of some on the left to Donald Trump's victory. It seems the operative term for these folks is "snowflake" and their home base of operation is a location known as a "safe space". And while some have clearly taken it a bit far, being observed in the fetal position crying, or rescheduling exams to allow time for healing, perhaps some on the right aren't taking it quite far enough by not trying to understand some of the concerns of others that might be legitimate. I think the best way to come to some common ground is to look at a single issue that might illustrate the points on both sides.

Nuclear Weapons:

The following is a simplified version of things Trump has actually said. For the sake of simplicity, it will be listed here as a short conversation, but in reality these clips are picked from multiple conversations and further paraphrased for illustration, but each statement will be a link to a legitimate news outlet where you can go to verify that I am not making this stuff up. You ready? Let's go.

Now for those of you who supported Trump, you have to understand that these kinds of questions and statements can be a bit disconcerting to the casual observer. For those of you who didn't support Trump, you have to understand that Trump only said these things, and hasn't actually done anything yet. Thus, if you're hiding out in your safe space or acting like there is no legitimate cause for any level of apprehension, you're not being entirely fair with the other side.

There are those who are theorizing that Trump is using a strategy similar to Reagan and Nixon. Be edgy, keep the enemy guessing at what you will do, and never let them think any action, no matter how extreme, is completely off the table. Is this possible? Of course. There are others who think that Trump really is this naive and honestly doesn't know any better than these things that he has said. Also possible.

Ultimately, we will know in time which one of these things is correct. Is Trump a nutty professor, a mad scientist of sorts? I'm hoping so. The trouble is, at the moment he hasn't really shown us the "professor" or "scientist" part, but he's given us plenty of evidence for the "nutty" and "mad" conclusions. I'm hoping he really is some kind of a genius, but at the moment all can tell for sure is that the guy is completely bonkers.

2 years from now we might bump into each other and have a good laugh about some of the crazy things Trump said before we knew he was just yanking our enemies chains. Or, we might be sending a test monkey out of our underground bunker to see if the surface is habitable again or not. Either way, we're going to be just fine. I think. Right? Stay tuned.

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