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Oh, The Humanity!

Will dog lovers do in Romney? Creation Date Wednesday, 18 April 2012. Hits 1724

Oh, The Humanity!

It seems a major controversy is brewing for the Romney campaign. Apparently, back in the 1980's (that's like a whole other decade) Mitt loaded up the clan in the Family Truckster (a real car that real families take on vacation) and headed to Maine for some r&r (raspberries and rickets). Just a typical American family going on a typical vacation to a typical tourist spot. Right? Nothing to see here. Move along. Accept... At this point I should warn women, children, the elderly, anyone with a weak heart, hearing impairments, or a propensity for anal leakage to turn away... They strapped their dog to the roof of the family truckster !!! Now, for the disclaimer. He was in a kennel, it was turned around backwards to minimize the wind, and they stopped regularly to beat him. Or was it to feed him? I can't remember. But it was one of those. Here is what some idiot animal rights activist had to say about it.

“I think it matters to people,” said Crider. “Everyone understands that how someone treats their pet and what they do when nobody’s watching speaks to their character.”

“How is this guy going to solve our economic problems when he possibly has a total lack of empathy?” Crider added.

And here, Crider nails on a crucial point. Every good economist knows that they key to any strong economy is empathy. Or maybe that was money. But either way, he didn't give the dog money, did he? Exactly! So he sucks on the economy. Do I have this right, Crider?

Just one problem with this theory. Nobody has more empathy than Obama, so why is our economy in the ditch right now? But more importantly, what rational person honestly gives a damn where the Romney dog vacationed or how he got there? If you said not one, then you are correct. The trouble is, we have a major shortage of rational people in this country. By and large, we are a nation of complete imbeciles like Crider. Doubt me? Than answer this for me. When you put a dog in a car, where is the first place he tries to stick his head? If you guessed "Out the window" you would be correct. But who cares about pesky things like facts when you have real things like trumped up political emotions?

Let me lay a few facts on you animal lovers out there. You have had your way for far too long. You are out of control maniacs, plagued with Mad Human Disease, and you need to be stopped. Your vitriol has lead to a society where the same "justice system" that gives one athlete 4 years of probation for killing a human being gives another athlete a 2 year prison sentence for running a dog fighting ring. Have we gone completely mad? Yes we have.

So now comes this latest chapter in the life of the animal rights Nazi. Let's all hang Mitt Romney for transporting a dog in a less than sensible manner, shall we? Let's listen to the left wing loons that can't seem to conjur up a senario where Obama is somehow responsible for the current economy while they explain to us that Romney's mode of transporting a pet is an indicator that he will be horrible on economic matters. Or maybe, just maybe, we could apply a little logic and scrutinty to what the unintended consequences of the strategy persued by these moonbats might be. Let's go with that one.

How long do you suppose Romney owned that dog? If this is the worst thing he did to it during that stretch, don't you suppose the dog made out alright in the end? Now tell me this. Why would any person with any type of political ambitions do risky things like owning a pet if this is the type of scrutiny it will lead to? And if good people of ambtion will not adopt dogs to avoid having to deal with your insanity, than who will adopt these pets?

Animal rights extremists have created a society where there are paid officials with no more purpose or responsibility than to go around and measure the length of dog tethers, record the length of time a dog is tied up, and check his out door facilities for cracks, leaks, or other weatherproofing violations. And that is neither a lie nor an exaggeration. Paid officials, my friends, wasting tax dollars on such idiotic nonsense. Yet Romney's behavior shows a threat to the economy?

How about our beloved President? His campaign pledge to adopt a rescue dog if he won turned into a trip to an over-priced breeder for the family pet. After their attempt to spin the dog as a "second chance pet" because the family that originally purchased him returned him, they made a charitable donation to a dog shelter to stave off the criticism. In the end, the Obama dog shopping trip worked like most of his policies, paying twice for something that nobody wanted once. Yet the seers who can fortell of the risks of a Romney Presidency in the future can't even see that one in the past.

Get a hold of yourselves, animal rights activists. Flying the dog first class might speak of poor economic decision making, but you surely would not point that out would you? Because many of you, yes even those of you that consider yourselves to be animal lovers of the non extremist variety, are out of control on this issue. Think I am wrong? Then I have two more questions for you.

  1. How loudly did you protest when Michael Vick returned to the NFL?
  2. How loudly did you protest when Leonard Little or Donte Stallworth returned to the NFL?

If you don't know who the last two were, don't beat yourselves up. They are just two men who took the lives of another human being and did a combined total of 1/23rd of the jail time and served a combined 6 months less suspension time than Michael Vick got for his crimes against dogs. Wake up, America. You have lost your mind.

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