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Did MSNBC Just Say That? Creation Date Monday, 20 February 2012. Hits 2819

Back To Bama

You can color me shocked. For anyone who watches MSNBC and has followed the debate on the Alabama Illegal Immigration law, you know what the stance of that network has been. The law is racist, and it unfairly targets Hispanics. It makes their mere existence a crime. On and on they go with their silly stories about how families could be arrested just for going out for an ice cream cone... wait a second, that one wasn't a silly left wing moonbat on MSNBC, that was our President. But I digress. If you have followed the story on a different network (one like FOX News, for example) then you likely were presented with a different view on the issue.

I saw the following headline on Google News, so I clicked it, and I was surprised to see the source of the article was MSNBC's website, even though the story was off of the AP feed. Here was the headline.

Immigrants trickling back to Alabama despite crackdown

So it must be a story about how they are getting arrested and thrown in prison, right? Not exactly. Here is the first paragraph.

Ana Jimenez and her husband were so terrified of being sent back to their native Mexico when Alabama's tough crackdown on illegal immigrants took effect that they fled more than 2,000 miles to Los Angeles, cramming into a two-bedroom apartment with more than 20 other relatives.

Simple enough, right? It is what one might expect from MSNBC. The illegal residents of a conservative state are forced to flea to a liberal Mecca. There, they are crammed into horrible conditions, where they suffer the torture inflicted upon them by mean spirited right wingers. But it goes on.

Now they are among the families coming back to cities like Birmingham, as the mass deportations never materialized and courts blocked parts of the law. No one knows how many people initially left the state, so it's impossible to say how many have returned. But some illegal immigrants are trickling back, unable to find work elsewhere and missing the place that had been home for years.

Notice the cruel irony here? In a more conservative state, they can't work because they are illegal. In the liberal city of a liberal state, they can't work because the liberals have run all the jobs out of town. So they return to the conservative state where at least one of them can actually find gainful employment. But it is in the 5th paragraph that the most interesting statement can be found.

"Everything is the same. I just can't work now," Jimenez said through a translator. She said the family is living off the income of her husband, who installs carpet and flooring.

Say it ain't so, Morning Joe! You mean that there aren't any National Guard troops roving the streets and imprisoning Hispanics en masse? They haven't been cornered by rogue cops wearing sheets and hoods and threatened with deportation on a trip to the ice cream parlor? Apparently not. Everything is the same. She just can't work now.

Like the law or not, it seems to me that this should clarify the debate some. If you are an illegal alien who can't find work because there are no jobs, you are probably in a blue state. Understand that they love you, and wish that you could work, it is just that under their policies jobs are necessarily scarce. If, however, you are in a state that has jobs but you can't get hired, you might be in a conservative state where their policies are conducive to employment, but they prefer that the jobs go to legal citizens.

The icing on the cake just so happens to be the choice of this particular family in question. Even with the job removed from the scenario, they prefer to live in Alabama. I guess things are just better in a red state?

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