Obama's Public Health Option just in time for new HIV/AIDS citizens?

Written by The Content Czar on .

Headline reads, "Obama lifts ban on US entry for those with HIV." Special interest groups are hailing his praises. Obama said, "by lifting the ban, the U.S. will take a step toward ending the stigma against people with HIV/AIDS, something that has stopped people from getting tested and has helped spread the disease." Obama also went on to mention his own effort several years ago to help fight against the stigma. During a visit to Kenya, in 2006, with his wife Michelle. They both publicially took an HIV/AIDS test. Several advocacy groups are happy and embracing the announcement. Rachel B. Tiven, executive director of Immigration Equality said the ban was pointless and has barred people from the U.S. and seperated families with no benefits to PUBLIC HEALTH. There are currently more than 1 million people in the U.S with AIDS and there are 56,000 new infections reported every year. Rachel B. Tiven, continued on to say, "Now, those families can be reunited, and the United States can put its mouth where its money is: ending the stigma that perpetuates HIV transmission, supporting science and welcoming those who seek to build a life in this country." Tiven, whose organization works for fairness in immigration for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive people.

First let's clear something up. ON JULY 30th, 2008, George W. Bush signed into law a 48 billion dollar bill for a period of five years. The point of it was to fight AIDS, Malaria, T.B, and to LIFT THE BAN on HIV/AIDS travelers from entering the U.S. So as much as Obama would like to sing his own praises using his Kenya visit as an example of his greatness. It was Bush who did something about this in July 2008. Do I agree with this? Absolutely not, because it would be one thing if we were holding the cure in locked boxes and distributing it to American citizens only. Withholding from the world the cure for something that has had devastating effects on several parts of the world. We don't have a cure. Did my ears fail me or did I not just hear Obama say that the man who chooses to opt out of insurance and then walks in front of a bus was burdening all of us?? Did I misunderstand? Yet, Tiven's organization is so excited that the United States is finally going to put it's mouth where it's money is??? WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS OBAMA?