Freedom is not passed onto our children through the bloodstream...

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"Freedom is only one generation away from extinction. It is not passed onto our children through the bloodstream. It is fought for, defended and given to them to do the same." -- Ronald Reagan

Last week as many of you already know President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for... ? Well, as we discussed on the show Sunday, October 11th 2009, It was for absolutely nothing. His acceptance speech went along with the general opinion of all those who heard the announcement. Obama said, "To be honest, I don't feel like I deserve it." Congratulations President Obama.. You finally said something that I can completely agree with. Which brings me to the things that I can not bring myself to overlook or not bring up here today. I am offended by the amount of humilation that has been brought upon our great nation since Obama has become the President. The lack of efficiency, the weak posture and the deliberate attempts to appease nations who DO NOT have our best interest at heart. It makes me wonder... Does HE have our best interest at heart? How can he? Where are these changes that was so important to his campaign?  Remember the slogans? It was all about "Changing the way things were done".. out with the "OLD" and IN with the new! it was full of "HOPE and PROMISE"... Yes, I remember. In my mind I couldn't help but think to myself. "Its clever.. Feed the sheep with dreams until the wolf devours them in their sleep."  Pre-dawn hours on October 4th in an Outpost at the base of two mountains in Afghanistan and our troops were raided by hundreds of insurgents who were killed and injured. What has been our President's response to this? According to top officials, President Obama's lastest thinking in the Afghan war is that the US will eventually have to back off of its emphasis on destroying the Taliban and allow the group to become involved in the political process. WHAT? The DAY BEFORE he claimed that the "Biden Option" was completely off the table. If you did not know, the Vice President, Joe Biden has reportedly said that the war in Afghanistan is no longer worth the effort and he's advocation MORE scaled back goals and would like to refocus attacks on the Pakistani border. The New York Times has reported a growing support for the "Biden Option". And since President Obama speaks out of BOTH sides of his mouth. He too has gone from one direction to another in a matter of 24 hours. I suppose that allowing the Taliban to join into the political process would be no differently than all of Obama's other failed attempts at standing up to terrorist.