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Muslim woman held in attempted slaying of husband; he made her wear sexy skirts and eat pork

Original New Source: Daily News Staff Writers

A soft spoken Muslim woman tried to slit her Staten Island husband's throat as he slept. Enraged that he made her eat pork and wear sexy skirts, officials said. 

"It's time for you to die!" screamed Rabia Sarwar as she jumped on top of her sleeping husband, Sheikh Naseem sources said.  He woke early Wednesday to find her straddling his chest and hacking at his neck with a knife. The burly 41 yr old teacher at Susan Wagner High School, overpowered the pretty, petite Sarwar, 37 and took the weapon from her. The two had only been married for five months. For Naseem, it was his third try after his first 2 marriages failed. The Pakistani-born Naseem was not a practicing Muslim but sought a traditional wife; their pairing was arranged through family friends. "Being that he didn't do very well the frist two times, he thought he would try a woman of his own culture," one of Naseem's ex-wives told the Daily News on condition that she not be identified. "She is very soft-spoken, very low-key," the woman said. "I would not have dreamed anything like this would happen." But authorities said she was furious that Naseem stayed so Western: "She's a very devout Muslim and she felt that he got her to marry him under false pretenses," a source said. "He doesn't really observe any of the traditions of Islam. She says he forced her to eat pork and wear short skirts." She also claimed that his favorite author was Salman Rushdie, reviled by devoted Muslims after writing the prophet-bashing "The Satanic Verses." Sarwar was released on $25,000 bail after being arraigned yesterday on attempted murder charges. She claimed "months of emotional abuse and duress," sources said. The Police had no record of domestic abuse complaints against Naseem.  It would be my singular opinion that the person in the fan picture added to this article is not affiliated with the Islamic religion. However, it is possible that this fan does not eat pork or wear short skirts as they are not the subject of the photo. Hopefully, our host sleeps lightly just in case. Cool


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