Man blows fingers off mixing explosives at a state-licensed child care facility

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Originally reported by the AP

Los Angeles -- Explosives and a marijuana farm were discovered at a Southern California home that doubled as a licensed day care center. After the man blew off four of his fingers authorities said that Benjamin Kuzelka, 23 went to the Loma Linda Medical Center and told the doctors that he had shot himself in the hand. The Doctors, however, became suspicious because his injuries did not look consistent with a gunshot wound. Investigators were sent to the home and when they arrived they found a sophisticated marijuana-growing facility and evidence of explosives. Furthermore, the home had been used as recently as the day before as a state-licensed child care facility. This led the to arrest of his mother Rebecca Kuzelka, 55 and his brother Greg Kuzelka, 21. Benjamin Kuzelka was arrested upon discharge from the hospital.