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Why Do You People Keep Falling For This?

Remember Cindy... what's her name? Creation Date Sunday, 12 August 2012. Hits 4819

Why Do You People Keep Falling For This?

Meet Joe Soptic. He's the latest in the long line of people that make the tragic mistake of thinking that the Democrats care. Trust me, they don't. So Joe is now the latest victim of the Democrats who gets suckered into exploiting the memory of a dead relative for the best interest of the party. I know, it seems like the thing to do at the time. The media attention and all of the politicians fawning over you makes it seem as if they are genuinely concerned. They will give you well wishes and follow you around... until election day, that is. They don't care about your loved one. They don't want to make it better for you. They just want the emotion of your story behind their campaign. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Cindy Sheehan?

To anyone who remembers her name, she was quite the darling of the left in this country. That is, until they came into power and she started posting pictures like the one above. And if you think you haven't heard from her because she has retired to a life of hugging trees and sniffing flowers, you are wrong. She is actually doing something that might be considered newsworthy. She is the Vice Presidential nominee on the Peace and Freedom ticket behind none other than Roseann Barr.

Yes, the liberals in elected office and those in the media used to love this broad, until they had used her sad story to take power. Once they got it, they couldn't even wait a year before arresting her on the White House lawn. And just that quickly she went from photo op to mug shot. But sadly, some people never learn from the misfortunes of others. Enter Joe Soptic, and the "Understands" ad from Priorities USA.


I'm not going to even get into the discrepancies in the story here, nor lead a fact based defense of Mitt Romney here. Most of you reading this are smart enough to understand that he is not at fault here. What I want to know is why do you people keep falling for these guys? We all know that they have no respect for your deceased loved ones, but don't you? Do you seriously want the memories of your dearly departed to forever be pinned to a cheap campaign video? And let's assume for a minute here that Joe is a grieving husband. I can understand him being angry and lashing out. But doesn't he have any friends to stop him from making this terrible mistake?

If you have read more than one article on my blog, than chances are you have figured out that I'm not exactly the Saint of empathy and compassion. That having been said, I seriously do feel badly for this guy, and Cindy Sheehan as well. I can't imagine what they have gone through, nor do I care to. But to top it all off by having some politician exploit the memory of your lost loved one and turn them into a cheap campaign ad is inexcusable. Wake up, Americans. You're going to have to stop your friends and relatives from falling for these left wing tactics, because the Dems won't stop exploiting the deceased until the deceased stop voting for them.

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