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MSNBC on Newt and Lady O

How will these two fare? Creation Date Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Hits 2781

MSNBC on Newt and Lady O

Today's entry comes from the PowerWall blog, an extension of WonderWall, a property of MSNBC, which is of course a subsidiary of MSN. Of course, is a blog a certain amount of artistic liberty is allowed, but I believe it is safe to say that MSNBC is a left wing news outlet. But just how left wing are they? Take a look at their latest article on Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich, compared to their take on the First Lady in a photo gallery linked right beside the article.

First let's talk about Newt. The idea that he's a serious presidential candidate is preposterous. Even if he were the nominee, he'd get about 44 percent of the vote. He'd say crazy things. He'd reignite the whole Obama-is-a-Kenyan-anticolonialist business. Or he'd think up something newer and weirder. He'd be a disaster. I'd submit that even his home state of Georgia would be in play if he were the nominee. Georgia right-wingers would turn out in droves to support him, for sure. But the state's left-wingers would turn out in droves to vote against him, and its moderates would probably tilt against him. He could conceivably do worse in a general election than Herman Cain.

Well it's clear to see that those are some pretty harsh words. And of course, the trashing isn't limited to that one paragraph. With a scalding like that, I am almost afraid to hear what they will have to say about the First Lady.

Flotus Fashion: Mrs. O shows the rest of us how to dress to the nines for any occasion.

Of course, the link is to a photo gallery which is filled with glowing words about a wide variety of Lady O outfits, and what occasion each is suitable for. Somewhat glaringly conspicuous from the list was Michelle's "I Just Lost My Job In The Obama Economy" sweatshirt and stained T, suitable for joining the other 1,999,999 Americans who have lost employment on her husbands watch in the local unemployment line or soup kitchen.

Yes, Michelle may know how to "dress to the nines" while the Country struggles to get by, but thanks to MSNBC we see that dressing for the "Nine Nine Nine's" might be the way to go in 2012. After all, Herman Cain has a much stronger chance of getting elected than does Gingrich, right guys?

I find the Gingrich article to be more humorous than offensive. Yes Newt has some baggage, but so do the homeless people living in their cars thanks to the terrible Obama economy. Will they vote for Newt? Most likely not. But it is rather funny to see the left assume they will step over their own baggage to pull the lever for the guy who is Presiding over this mess.

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