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The Joe Paterno Scandal Show

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The Joe Paterno Scandal Show

Yes, the Axis of Stevil show comes back on the air, and we do it big time with this episode for your listening pleasure. After a brief bout with the crazy news of the week, I go into a detailed summary of what is going on at Penn State. Using the Grand Jury Report and applying simple logic, I question if Mike McQueary is telling the truth. I address the angry mobs who demanded Paterno's head, and even question what effect they are having on the case. I will detail my logic below, and you can follow along as you listen to The Axis of Stevil Show.

First, here is the download, or you can listen in the Talk Shoe player to your left, or from our Talk Shoe show page.

Is McQueary lying about what he saw?

  1. Notice the difference between what he tells the grand jury he saw, and what he tells the grand jury he reported. He is confident in claiming he saw anal sex, yet he says that he reported "what he believed to be anal sex". Was he leaving himself an out in his testimony, knowing that he was over-stating to the grand jury what he had reported?
  2. He changed his story. In his testimony, he stated that he left "immediately" after what he observed, yet in an email he tells a friend that he stopped it. He also claims to have reported it to the police, which we now know is not true.
  3. The other 7 accounts from victims all have a very similar pattern. Only one of them involves anal penetration, but Sandusky didn't go through with it all the way. McQueary's account is much different, and not consistent with the other accounts.
  4. McQueary reports hearing the slapping sounds of sex over the shower. If what he observed was happening, wouldn't it be painful for the child? Yet he reports hearing no groans or cries of pain or for help.
  5. The prosecution is unable to find the child who this allegedly happened to. Yet the defense is claiming to have the kid, and he is telling a much different story.
  6. In order to believe that McQueary is telling the truth, I have to assume that 3 people plus the alleged victim are all lying. I don't know if they are liars or not, so this is a new assumption. Yet if McQueary is lying, it is his second lie about the same account.

Looking at all of the evidence, I have to believe that Mike McQueary at the very least did not report what he told to the Grand Jury to Paterno, Schultz, and Curly. Furthermore, I don't believe he saw what he is claiming he saw. I do believe that he did observe Sandusky and a child in the shower, but his account is so much different from every other account that it is unlikely that it actually happened the way he is saying.

To get the full detailed account, listen to the full show. Feel free to discuss it in the comments below, or in our forum linked above.

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