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No Saint's Sympathy Here

I'm hearing this notion that's being tossed around that the Saint's should win the Super Bowl because it would be a great story for the city after Hurricane Katrina. This got me to wondering, how much sympathy can one milk out of a single tragedy. Will it ever end? Senator Landrieu used this excuse for the Louisiana Purchase. We heard it before when the Saint's made the playoffs. When will it end?

New Orleans Saints

I didn't hear anybody saying "I hope the Vikings win after everything the people of Minnesota went through when that bridge collapsed". Nobody was suggesting the Jets should win it all because of 9/11. No, with the Jets it was the team that was the story. Quit crying. You had a storm. Get over it already. Yea, I know. It's mean spirited. Many will say "Steve, did you see that city? It looked like a warzone". I know. Did you see it before Katrina?

And what about Pennsylvania? They had that storm right after Katrina that flooded large portions of the state. Plus, they have to deal with Arlen Specter.  No sympathy for the Eagles though. California has fires and mud slides every other year. Half the State is starving right now for the sake of some stupid minnow. But no love for the Chargers. Nobody suggested that they should win one for the Kangaroo Rats.

Based on this theory, what about the Patriots. After all, the Pilgrims had a pretty rough trip over here from England. Disease and hunger were rampant on those ships. People died. The ones who survived had to get used to a whole new country. Rough winters and strange wildlife. And can you imagine running from a bear in a two foot high hat and shoes with belt buckles on them? That's tough. But you won't hear me saying "win one for the Pilgrims, New England". Why? Because I don't give a damn what your city has been through. It's football, man. May the best team win.

Forget the plots and sub plots. Forget about Archie Manning, it's Peytons turn. The Colts will win because they are the better team. Then I will have to deal with a couple weeks of "It would have been great for New Orleans if the Saints would have won". Guess what, Big Easy. You guys paid it forward.  You guys have had that whole Mardi Gras thing going on for years. You live in a city that is 15 feet below sea level with the ocean below you and a lake above. You are protected from the lake by a wall and from the ocean by a beach. Who would have thought that a hurricane could get past that tough defense? 

Can we kindly skip the sob stories and just get back to football? If the Saints win, good for them. But when the Colts defense goes through that secondary like Lake Pontchartrain through a broken levee, I don't care to see the tears. There's no crying in football. Just play the game already!


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