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Obama Out Of Touch

Written by trlrtrash13 on .

ABC news reported on April 15th that President Obama was "unaware" of the Tea Parties taking place around the Country, This got me to thinking. Is it possible that this guy is that out of touch? I highly doubt it. But, not wanting to call the Commander in Chief a liar, I decided to consider this possibility. I googled the term "tea parties"  and I got 25,300,000 returns. So I wondered, what else might this President be "unaware" of? I decided to compile a list that the "on-the-job training Czar" might want to run over with the President. This is a top ten list of things less well known than the tea parties that Obama needs to be made aware of.


  1. Portuguese Water Dogs. A google search for this breed of dog returned only 2,750,000 results. Hence, it is entirely possible that Obama is completely unaware of them. There aren't very many of these dogs available in shelters, and I heard that is the only place he looks for dogs. He should check this breed out before he commits to some "mutt" from a shelter.
  2. Russian Translation Website. This bad boy only returned 716,000 results, so it probably slid right under the President's radar. But, one never knows when his Administration might need to translate something into Russian... you know, like a word on a red button or something? This is a great find he definitely needs to be made aware of.
  3. Regionally Coded DVDs. Only 41,600 results here. Hence, it is entirely possible that President Obama is unaware that DVD's are coded to specific regions and may not work in other countries dvd players. He should be told about this, just in case he plans to travel abroad or maybe give dvd's as a gift to a visiting dignitary or something.
  4. Jason Wu. Only 1,100,000 results for this designer. This guy is good. He may want to buy a dress for Michelle or something, and he needs to know about him.
  5. ACORN. Only 11,900,000 search results for this group. Perhaps Obama should be made aware of this organization. They were caught paying people to register fake voters in the last election. If he were aware of this group, perhaps he could donate about $800,000 or so to them to help them register more fake voters for the next election.
  6. Motor Voter Act. The Motor Voter Act allowed voters to register at the DMV to make it easier for them to vote. Being as a search of that term only brought back 119,000 results, Obama has probably failed to notice that movement. Being as his limo only gets 9 MPG, it is incumbent on his Training Czar to inform him of this so as to increase the efficiency of his gas guzzler by killing two birds with one stone.
  7. Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Only 183,000 results for this term.Using the abbreviation "GITMO" increases the number to 2,360,000 which is still a far cry from the 25 million plus that the Tea Parties bring back. Hence, it is entirely possible that Obama has no idea that that the detention camp exists. He needs to be made aware of this, being that he now presides over it.
  8. Water boarding. Only 12,100,000 results here. That makes it highly unlikely that President Obama is even aware that this activity ever took place, let alone the specifics of it.
  9. Obama's Daughters. Perhaps the President is unaware of the fact that he has children. After all, a search for them returned only 22,700,000 articles. This is 3 million fewer articles than the tea parties garnered.
  10. White House Door. This search returned 25,200,000 results, which is 100,000 fewer than the tea parties. Perhaps that is why Obama tried to enter through a window. He was unaware of the existence of doors on the building. To confirm this thought, I googled "White House Window" and got 33,900,000 results. This establishes that the "learning curve" for this President is somewhere between 25,300,001 and 33,899,000. Simply put, any number in between those two sets is the level of public knowledge attained before Obama is aware of the issue in question.
Now yes, I am aware that the President is aware of all of those things on the list. This list is simply to establish how out of touch with the American people he is if he is not lying to them. Wake up, President Obama. You can either continue to bury your head in the sand, or you can deal with reality. The reality of the situation is this. It is the far left in this Country that has owned public demonstrations for as far back as I can remember. When the right shows up to a protest, you can bet that they are mad as hell. It should be noted that the left wing media ignored this story for as long as they possibly could, and bragged about that fact. Wake up, Mr. President. Your act is stale, and despite the best efforts of your accomplices in the MSM, the cat is out of the bag.