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What a week it has been. Here are some of the crazy things we will be covering on the show.

Run Away Prius

James Sikes was driving his Toyota Prius on a California highway when his gas pedal allegedly stuck, causing his car to run away at full throttle.  Toyota is now going after the credibility of the driver, due to the embarrassment of the situation. My question is, what's more embarrassing? The fact that the accelerator stuck, or the fact that the car only accelerated to 90 mph when it did. Are you freaking kidding me? That's the regular flow of traffic out in Cali. Nothing under triple digits is even considered a high speed chase out there. No part of uncontrolled acceleration should include a Grandmother in a mini van riding your bumper and screaming "Get out of my way". Either way, the vehicle was brought to a safe stop, and upon stopping, I'm being told that a turtle tried to mate with the vehicle.

Eric Massa And Barney Frank's Staffer

Barney Frank

The Boston Herald is reporting that Barney Frank said a member of his staff went to dinner with Massa in October and reported it to top Frank aides to avoid any ethics violations.  “(Massa) didn’t hit on him,” Frank said. Frank said his staffer “didn’t feel awkward in any way. He felt a little flattered.” My question is, what would make a Barney Frank staffer feel awkward. Here is a guy who likely watches Barney Frank strip down and cover himself in whipped cream and dance around the office singing "I'm a little teapot short and stout" on a daily basis. A little groping from Eric Massa would likely be the most normal part of his week.

Slaughter Solution?

House Rules Chairman Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill. She is reportedly considering putting forth a rule that would dictate that the Senate version of the bill is automatically passed through the chamber once the House passes a corrections bill making changes to it. Republicans are calling it the "Slaughter Solution, I personally prefer the "Let's Not And Say We Did Act of 2010". Only in Congress could we find people dumb enough to justify even considering the possibility that someone would fall for this nonsense. I almost hope somebody does, just so I can have a blast with them on the following weeks show. Eric massa almost looks like a genius for leaving a body that is considered this dumb by its leadership.

 Increased Teen Drug Use

This week on the O'Reilly factor, Bill had Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover on to discuss increased teen drug use. Gretchen blamed it on Woody Harelson's Hemp tuxedo that he wore to the Oscars, while Margaret theorized that the right wing nut jobs would blame it on Obama. After all, teenage drug use was on the decline, and it just started to raise again this year. But at what point does it become logical to blame what happened a year ago on what suit someone wore a week ago, while it is deemed illogical to blame it on an event that happened a year and a half ago. On my show, we have played clips from Obama's audio book where he spoke of and practically glamorized his teenage drug use. I'm not blaming Obama here, I'm just saying that his speaking of spending the last few years of high school in a daze might make a bit more of an impression on the youths of America than whatever the Psychic Friends Network is telling them Woody might wear to the Oscars in a year or so. Simply put, the cause never happens before the effect. Think about it.

It's going to be a great show this week. Tune in here at 9pm eastern time Saturday night to catch us live. The same link will work to catch it in the archives as well. And as always, you can be a part of the show by calling in at 914-338-0207. Follow the instructions to talk to the host, or just listen from your phone on the go. If you're not going to be able to catch the show live, you can still give your thoughts here as a comment on this article and I will read it on the show. Please link your site in the comment if you want it mentioned on the show.

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