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Racial Twist for Republican Campaign

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Godfather's PizzaOver the course of the weekend, a story broke about a camp in Texas where Rick Perry and his father have leased land and hunted. As we know, if you are a Republican running for President, anything you have ever done over the course of your life will be put under the microscope, along with whom you may have done it with and where the events occurred. If you are a Democrat who served on boards with and had campaign events hosted by a guy who blew up a building or two, that may not be an issue for you. If however, you are a Conservative that hunted on some land that some people have attached a racist name to? Yea, stand by for some problems. So while the firestorm that is coming from the left is to be expected, I was a bit surprised that Herman Cain decided to jump on board and bottom-feed on this issue. First, the controversy.

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