Judging A Book By Its Cover

The Teleprompter Manual; Judging A Book By Its Cover

Written by trlrtrash13 on .

This is the memoirs of Barack Obama's teleprompter. Now sure, it is a little early in his administration for such an effort, but after all, it is the teleprompter for the guy who wrote his memoirs before he actually did anything.

The Teleprompter Manual


Never before has a teleprompter worked so hard, and we the people appreciate the effort. Read the stories of all the travels this teleprompter made around the world. It's inclusion in simple meetings with congressional leaders, it's usage for simple one line phrases and more. But this book goes far beyond the public eye. For the first time, Barack Obama's Teleprompter speeks out on it's failures. There is a particularly emotional story of one time when the teleprompter missed an important speech and Obama was left to guess how many States there were. The teleprompter even tears up when discussing Obama's special olympic gaffe, siting the teleprompter's own brother, who was a dislexic court stenography machine.

You will laugh and cry with the most famous teleprompter ever. Take a deep look into the heart and soul of the machine behind the man. A copier machine in Georgia says "A must read". A parking meter in Brooklyn says "I'd spend my change on that book for sure". A fax machine in Phoenix says EEEwwwEEEwwwEEEwww.