Judging A Book By Its Cover

Antichrist 666; Judging A Book By Its Cover

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Antichrist 666; Obama Church

Author, Jason Clark

Antichrist Obama

Some people are raising the question is President Obama the Antichrist? As one can clearly see by looking at the cover, this is a difficult question to answer. The only way to be sure one reaches the correct conclusion is to use scientific processes of in depth analysis of Biblical passages and the life of Barack Obama. This author clearly got off on the right foot by using the advance scientific technique of placing a black and yellow spider on a pink flower. If a cross appears on the spiders back, then he is indeed the Antichrist. If, however, a skull appears, he is not. As you can see, the cover clearly tells the author that Obama is not the Antichrist. 


But Jason Clark did not stop there. He delves into passages describing the Antichrist to prove once and for all that Obama is not the Antichrist. For example, the Antichrist is described as a beast having seven heads and ten horns. Obama, on the other hand, has only one head and two horns. While it is possible that he could have had the rest of the heads removed, the author realizes this is not the case here because Obama bumped his head boarding Marine 1. Anyone growing up with ten heads would learn to duck ten times sooner, not as a middle aged man.

The book of Revelations also states that the Antichrist will have the "mouth of a lion". President Obama's mouth would be better compared to that of a parrot, squawking back whatever appears on the teleprompter.  Also significant to notice here is that no description is given of the Antichrist's ears, which would certainly be mentioned where he Obama. Furthermore, there is no reference made implying that this beast wouldn't look like all the other beasts that had gone before him.

There is one sign that is a bit tricky, however. It seems like the Antichrist will be placed in power by a fire breathing dragon. Any comparisons to Howard Dean are merely coincidental. Any mislead assumptions are quickly cleared up by the fact that the Antichrist will call down fire from heaven, and use this power to mislead people. While Obama may have missiles that could appear to be calling down fire from heaven, and he has dropped them on Afghanistan... wait a second here! And deceive the people with miracles? Like his wife's Transatlantic Transformation!?! Maybe that wasn't her doing after all! And wait! It gets worse! He wants an image made of himself. With a crown of thorns? Huh? It doesn't specify. This author is wrong! He is the Antichrist! Oh, wait. I forgot about the spider. Let's restore science to its rightful place. It's a skull on the back, people. No dice. 

Damn! I thought I had him. Back to the drawing board... or perhaps the library... ya know, to judge another book by its cover.