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To My Liberal Friends

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A Wish For My Liberal Friends*

May you have a wonderful and fulfilling winter holiday season. May your celebrations, either religious or secular, be non offensive to those who celebrate differently. It is my hope that you find joy and comfort in gatherings that include those with whom you are close, without seeming exclusive to those who are unable to attend. May you partake in a feast of organic food that is not harmful to the environment and does not cause suffering to helpless animals. If your celebration includes the giving of gifts, may they be wrapped in re-usable materials that do not destroy trees nor contain harmful chemicals. For those who share our calendar, may your new year be rewarding and enriching, and may the latter not come at the expense of someone less wealthy.

*This wish is not guaranteed in any way. The wishee agrees to hold the wisher blameless in the case of any type of wish malfunction. Wish is non transferable. Wish is valid only in the Continental United States. This wish may not be disseminated without the expressed written consent of the wisher. Only the original wish will be honored. Any type of copied (ie photo, facsimile, or printed reproduction) wish shall be considered invalid, and will also void the original wish. Limited time offer. Some restrictions and exclusions may apply.  See terms and conditions for details.


 And To My Conservative Friends

Merry Christmas