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The National Deficit

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I wanted to tackle the issue of President Obama's fiscal irresponsibility in a way that everybody could understand, and in a way that is fair and balanced. To do this, I must first clarify for those that don't know the difference between the National Debt and our Deficit. The National Debt is how much money we owe and is the responsibility of every President and Congress who has added to it. The deficit is the amount we spend in a given year that exceeds the amount we take in. In other words, annual spending minus annual tax revenue = deficit. 

Now, to be fair, I am quoting a liberal publication here, the New York Times. This is from an article written by Jackie Calmes reviewing the Obama budget.

Having inherited an economy in recession and reeling from interrelated credit and housing crises, Mr. Obama starts off from a stunning deficit for 2009 that is projected to reach $1.75 trillion when the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, or nearly four times last year’s shortfall. That would represent 12.3 percent of the gross domestic product, a deficit level that is larger than any since the end of World War II.

Now, how much is a trillion dollars? Page tutor has a great set of images to show you how much one trillion dollars really is. I'll cap it down here, but you really need to go see it there.

In one hundred dollar bills, here is what a billion looks like.

One Billion Dollars

In one hundred dollar bills, here is what a trillion dollars looks like.

One Trillion Dollars

That is ten thousand pallets. Now, as many of you know, I am a truck driver. I drive a 53' box trailer, which is the largest van trailer allowed without an oversize permit in all 50 states. The floor space in the trailer would allow for 30 of these pallets (if stacked sideways) to be loaded in my trailer. The pallets, when double stacked as pictured, are 7 and 1/2 feet high, so they would fit double stacked, but not triple. Hence, the most pallets of this money I could load (excluding weight limits) would be 60 pallets. 

Here is a picture of my truck.

My Truck

Now remember, we are ignoring weight limits. I'm not sure of the exact weight of these pallets, but as a recovering paper hauler, I know that similarly stacked pallets of computer paper are very heavy, and one can only haul about 24 of those (single stacked) and fall in under the 80,000 lbs limit. We are ignoring those laws, and loading 60 pallets on the trailer. How many truck loads would it take to haul one trillion dollars?


Trillion Dollar Trucks

That's 167 truck loads. Now remember, President Obama didn't take office until January 20th, and his proposed deficit is for the fiscal year which ends on September 30th. That's eight months, ten days. Furthermore, that image shows only enough trucks to haul one trillion dollars, ignoring weight restrictions. The actual proposed deficit (which he has exceeded) is 1.75 trillion dollars, meaning you would need all these trucks plus 2 thirds of them again.

Now, when people call you a racist for speaking out against President Obama, kindly refer them to this image.