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Attention Deficit Disorder


How Boring Is The Glenn Beck Show?

Just how boring is the Glenn Beck show? Watch this video that shows a guest on the show literally passing out. Click the "read more" to see the video.

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Are You Smarter Than A Democrat?

We all remember the 2000 election fiasco in Florida, right? Remember the voters who were willing to stick their face in front of a TV camera and say they were confused by the ballot? At the time I wondered how these people could be stupid enough to be confused by that ballot, and then complicate by being too stupid to understand that they probably shouldn’t go on national television admitting it. But the question is, was that an anomaly, or is the average democrat that devoid of common sense? Well, far be it from me to imply that the state of intelligence on the other side of the isle is that bad off. I don’t want to believe that to be the case. But what does Obama think about the IQ of his base? A quick look at his meta tags will answer that question for us.

Let me start by explaining meta tags for those that are unfamiliar. Meta tags are a list of keywords that are used to define the content of your site to help direct users to your site via search engines. The tags can be viewed by right clicking on a page and viewing the page info. By viewing these keywords, you can determine the audience a site is trying to reach. For example, a site about cars would use tags such as cars, auto, automobile, sports cars, etc because that is what people searching for their content would type into the search engine.

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Hot off the press.

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  • Watered Down Travel Ban

    Watered Down Travel Ban

    I have some friends and family who supported President Trump from early on in the process. From time to time they will ask me when I will admit that I was wrong about him. "If Trump does x... If Trump gets y... If Trump supports a policy that results in z... will you admit that you were wrong?" My answer is always "no", because I wasn't wrong. To be clear, I could be wrong in practical application, but that isn't what an election is about. Elections are about theory and speculation and, generally speaking about judging records. Trump had no record to speak of, and his history of stances on issues was all over the map. I opposed his candidacy for several major reasons, all of which are proven valid in this single issue we now refer to as the "travel ban". Here were my reasons.

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  • Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    Fraudulent Rant by Judge Jeanine

    If you're not familiar with Justice with Judge Jeanine, it is a show on the FOX News Network starring Jeanine Pirro. She is known for her over-the-top rants where she serves up gobs of fresh red meat for her largely hard right wing audience. While it's not unusual for her to be a little fast and loose with the facts, she has been known to occasionally return from the break with a correction from her producers. Last night, however, there was no such correction to an outright lie she told on the show, and the matter being discussed should have (at the very least) contained a disclaimer from the host. I would cut her some slack, but as a former prosecutor and judge, she should be well aware of what proper protocol should have been here.

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  • Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    Wake The Hell Up, GOP!

    It's not cute anymore, Republicans. The President of the United States is completely detached from reality, and you can't fix that. You can't cover it up, you can't explain it away, and let me make this as clear as I possibly can for you. You cannot possibly undo the damage you are doing to the party brand by trying to pretend this man is anything other than completely unhinged. I'm watching Sean Hannity borrow guests from the Alex Jones show in an attempt to bolster Trump's conspiratorial claims. I'm seeing relatively mainstream conservatives make themselves look like the crazed fringes of the paranoid right wing. Don't believe me? Look at this.

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