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Chris Brown Sentenced

In the "I'm sure glad it wasn't a dog" category, Chris Brown was sentenced for bouncing fellow pop star Rihanna off the windshield of a rented Lamborghini

Last Tuesday a Judge Patricia Schnegg sentenced Chris Brown to five years of probation and six months community labor for the beating of Rihanna. Brown was also ordered to stay 100 yards away from his former girlfriend for the next five years, unless they are attending the same industry event and then it is 30 feet.

Judge Schnegg told Brown that any violation of this sentence could land him in state prison.

The assault happened in February of this year, then Brown pled guilty in June. It was released in a probation report that there were two previous unreported incidents of violence while the couple was traveling in Europe and Barbados.

Brown will serve his sentence in Virginia, his home state, being overseen by the police chief of Richmond, Bryan Norwood. The judge wanted to ensure that Brown performs physical labor instead of community service, such as mentoring young people as well as undergoing a year of domestic violence counseling.

 Surprises from this story, not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. What?!?!? You can rent a Lamborghini? Apparently so. For the bargain basement price of $1,495 a day, you too can beat up a woman in style. And that, my friends, is especially important. After all, first impressions last. If people see you beating your wife, they are going to think you are some kind of jerk. That's why Chris Brown recommends forking out the extra $1,300 a day to smash your wife's face into an exotic windshield. It just sounds better, doesn't it?
  2. The judge wanted to be sure Chris would get physical labor, rather than mentoring some juvenile delinquent. Way to hammer home the justice, your honor. Make him pick up some trash alongside the highway. Because we sure don't want this guy getting off easy eating fine cuisine off a jail house tray now do we. That would be a travesty. Yes, physical labor. Call me crazy, but I'd pick that any day of the week over trying to beat a science book into the head of some little mouthy brat who doesn't want to do his homework.
  3. Chris Brown was not quoted as saying so, but I'll bet he thanks his lucky stars every night that it wasn't a dog he was beating in the car. As if Mike Vick's fate didn't get me wound up enough, check out this recent comparative case.
GABRIELS - A Rainbow Lake Road resident charged with neglecting his child and numerous animals was released from Franklin County Jail in July and is back living in the area, pending the settlement of a custodial matter involving his daughter. John J. Guest, 62, was sentenced to about 30 days' time served in jail after pleading guilty to cruelty to animals, a class A misdemeanor. He agreed to forfeit custody of all of his animals, said Assistant District Attorney Jack Delehanty. At the time of his arrest, the Tri-Lakes Humane Society had removed one horse, eight chickens, four cats, one dog, two peacocks, one cockatiel and one guinea pig from the property due to their malnourishment, unsanitary living conditions and numerous untreated injuries. "We had expected that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was going to send him over to Canada because he was an illegal alien, since his green card had expired years and years ago," Delehanty said.
However, state police said at the time that Franklin County Child Protective Services had taken custody of Guest's 8-year-old daughter after his arrest, citing the lack of food and running water at the residence. That matter has not yet been settled, Delehanty said, precluding Guest's deportation.
"He's living back in beautiful Gabriels, New York, in the heart of the beautiful Adirondacks, awaiting further proceedings in another forum," Delehanty said.
Delehanty said he couldn't comment further on the nature of the proceedings or the daughter's status.
Guest was arrested on June 2 and originally charged with endangering the welfare of a child and torturing, injuring or not feeding animals, both class A misdemeanors.
All of the animals have been adopted out except the chickens and the dog, said Tri-Lakes Humane Society Manager Lena Bombard. The dog is a black Labrador mix about a year-and-a-half old, Bombard said.
"He's lived with kids and cats," Bombard said. "The environment he had come from, he was used to being around other animals. He loves to go for walks. He's a good dog."
Bombard said Guest willingly surrendered custody of his animals at the time of his arrest, allowing the Humane Society to start placing them in homes immediately. Otherwise, Bombard said, they would have had to wait until after the charges were resolved before finding them permanent homes.

You've got to be kidding me, right? The guy is arrested for cruelty to animals and endangering the welfare of a child, and gets 30 days... on the animal cruelty charge?!?! Then the animals are taken away without possibility for return, yet the matter of custody of the child is still pending? What kind of enviro-nazi world are we living in over here? It's been a long time coming, a slow implementation of liberal policies, that has lead us to the point where we stand today. A place where a man goes to jail for 30 days for beating his dog, while another gets community service for beating his girlfriend. A place where an NFL player who kills a man while driving drunk gets 30 days in jail and a years suspension from the NFL with guaranteed reinstatement,  yet a man who runs a dog fighting ring gets 23 months in Federal prison and has to fight to get back into the NFL.

I'm not trying to defend Vick here. I'm just saying that we seem to have things a bit out of kilter as a society. If John Guest's sentence is fair, than certainly Chris Brown's isn't. If Michael Vick deserves two years in prison for killing some dogs, than certainly Donte Stallworth deserves more than a month for killing a pedestrian. 

On an interesting side note, for those of you wishing for a humorous break, I was researching the Pitt Bull to see if I was correct that the breed was produced to fight bears. As this wiki entry establishes, I was right. The entry also goes on to explain that the dogs were also used to fight other animals, including this entry. This is perhaps the funniest thing I read all week.

A variation involved other animals being baited, especially bulls, but also, on one curious occasion, a pony with an ape tied to its back was baited: a spectator described that "...with the screaming of the ape, beholding the curs hanging from the ears and neck of the pony, is very laughable".



The Medal Of Freedom

I wanted to take a quick look at Obama's choices for the Medal Of Freedom Award. There is quite a bit of controversy brewing over Obama's choice of Mary Robinson to receive the honor. Right Pundits blasted the decision with the following critique.

You might remember Obama’s Medal of Freedom recipient, Mary Robinson, from her co-chairing — with well-known former terrorist supporter and friend-of-Obama Rashid Khalidi — that infamous 2001 Durban I Conference: a conference on racial discrimination that simply became an international Israel-bashing event. She had the hubris to declare that failed conference, in which both Israel and the U.S. boycotted, a smashing success.

While president of Ireland, Mary Robinson demonstrated her hatred for Israel by happily providing millions of dollars of support to the PLO, which were used in terror attacks.

And of course, who could ignore her chronic criticizing of U.S. foreign policy throughout her career. Since 9/11, she has blasted the United States for losing the ‘moral high ground.’ This of course while she focuses on trying to win the ‘minds and hearts’ of unrepentant terrorists instead of the great problems world-wide democracies face in fighting terror. She is, to the far-left’s delight, quintessentially a grand Bush-hater.

His decision to award Ted Kennedy with the same honor has received surprisingly less criticism.   Has everyone forgotten Chappaquiddick?


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Pre-Existing Blackout?

I get so sick and tired of these leftists talking about the evil health insurance companies and their pre-existing conditions. This is another example of how the left wing depends on you being a complete idiot to go along with their schemes. To show how stupid this is, I have compiled a top ten list of other "pre-existing conditions" that we should do away with if we're going to go after the health insurance industry.

10. Car Insurance Comanies

 Okay, so let's say you just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by moving to Wisconsin. See where I'm going here? You are driving without insurance, then you wreck your car. Now what? Head on down to your local auto insurance company, because under President Obama, nothing is too stupid to make sense. Hence, you can insure your totaled out car as if it didn't have a scratch on it because all of that accident damage is a pre-existing condition. 

9. Homeowners Insurance

Now, you are probably feeling pretty stupid. Chances are you have been struggling to make that insurance premium every month. Why bother? Wait until after the Hurricane hits. Your leveled house will be a pre-existing condition and you can get it rebuilt from the ground up without having to have spent years paying into the system.

8. Freight

Perhaps you're a trucker like me. Ever get to a warehouse to pick up a load and catch them trying to load damaged product on your trailer? Don't even try to stop them. Sure, that DVD player may be smashed flat, but that's a pre-existing condition. And I know you're thinking you're going to get nailed at the other end, but not so fast! They can't refuse it from you either! See how this works? The pre-existing condition just keeps getting passed along... right on down to the mind numbed Obamabot moron who purchases it then tries to take it back to Wal Mart where they inform him that he stuck with it. That's right, you can't refuse that DVD player because it's completely flattened. You don't want to be like those evil health insurance companies who refuse things based on a pre-existing condition, do you?

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FireFox TV Fox Users

Those of you who use the Firefox browser with the TV-FOX plug-in have come to enjoy live television right there in the toolbar of your browser. If you have updated to the latest version of Firefox, then you probably feel like you haven't paid your cable bill. Due to compatibility issues, the add-on is no longer working. While the good people over at TV-FOX are working on the problem, the good person over here at The Axis doesn't think you should be without your web based television service. That is why you need to download The Axis Toolbar for your Firefox (or IE, if speed scares you) browser. Axis Toolbar users were not affected by this outage, because they enjoy live Television from 7 countries without the need to download another toolbar.

In addition to TV, The Axis Toolbar allows you to listen to The Axis Of Stevil Show in your browser while you surf the web. It keeps you up to the minute with news headlines from multiple sources in a convenient ticker with links to the whole story. You can leave messages to other toolbar users, or reply to ones they have posted. All this and more is offered 100% free of charge to you our valued reader. So you can wait around for TV-FOX to get their updates coded, or you can be like me and enjoy live TV in your browser today with The Axis Toolbar.


Somewhere In Minnesota...

Somewhere in Minnesota, a village is missing it's idiot. Check out how Al Franken decides to use the time allotted to him to interview Sotomayor.

Then it dawned on me, will an idiot really be missed in Minnesota? Remember 1984? 

Electoral Map, 1984

That's right. Minnesota, the only state dumb enough to go for Walter Mondale. Matter of fact, isn't that the State slogan? Or is Minnesota the Pink Boa Governor State? 

Pink Boa

I can't stress this enough, folks. Why are these people still allowed to vote? Scratch that, why are they still in our Union? I know it's cold up there in Minnesota, but next winter maybe you guys should find a better passtime than sitting around the bong playing Super Mario Bros. Seriously, it's one thing when you guys have to deal with the idiots you put out there. It is quite another when the rest of the Country does. Can't we just give the dump to Canada? I mean sure, then we would miss... can't think of anything. And while I'm on the subject...

Twins New Park

What does a city that doesn't thaw out until mid August need? Exactly! An open air ballpark. I know you guys call the walls at the Metrodome "baggies", but there was a reason why you had a roof on that hole. Eskimos won't go to that park for the season opener. You know who will? Exactly! People who vote for Walter Mondale and Al Franken.

Someone needs to start a campaign to give that mid-western rat hole to Canada. Sure, they won't want it, but what the heck are they going to do about it? We're talking about a Country who's air force is a Mountie with a hot air balloon and a half dozen flying squirrels. Let them go be an embarrassment to the old Maple Leaf for awhile. Or at least, for crying out loud, rescind their right to vote. They have certainly proven their absolute incompetence at electing anything higher than the court jester. 


Hot off the press.

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